There is no need to do it on your own! Are you struggling with something physically or mentally? Thermae Sports will gladly help you find a solution.

Movement Therapy

Sometimes nagging pain or a dragging injury can make you feel down. Have you ever thought about going to a physical therapist or osteopath for a check-up? They will examine your complaints and help you to get back on track.
A good massage can also work miracles. At Thermae Sports Merchtem you can book a blissful relaxing or sporty massage by appointment.

You can find more information about physical therapy and osteopathy on the movement therapy page.

Individual programme

After completing your subscription, you can get together with a professional coach – with no strings attached. During your first one-hour meeting, you discuss your goals and the best way to accomplish them on the basis of a personalised programme. These goals go beyond sports. If you are already dealing with stress or lethargy, then you can get help from the well-being coach. She will listen to you, and together you determine the best approach. If you need more individual coaching, then the well-being coach will help you on the same terms as those for personal training. Thermae Sports Merchtem has everything you need for a positive boost!